The Mother Pia Ministry Center is located at the south end of the Sisters of St. Francis Provincial House. The MPMC was created in order to serve the people of the area. The large Conference Room provides a space for programs such as retreats, meetings and educational seminars. The three classrooms are used for computer classes, GED and other educational purposes. To the south of the Ministry Center, a community garden was created with plots for the use of individuals and families who wish to have a garden space. Surplus from the garden goes to the Andrew County Ministries Food Pantry.



The Sisters continue to do pastoral ministry at LaVerna Village Nursing Home. Besides visiting the residents and helping minister to their spiritual needs, the Sisters assist with liturgical services. The Sisters also do a variety of other types of pastoral ministries in Northwest Missouri.



Collaboration with Andrew County Ministries
The Sisters collaborate with Andrew County Ministries in a number of ways and especially with the Andrew County Food Pantry. The Sisters and other Andrew County volunteers continue to provide for the needs of the poor and homeless in our area.

Collaboration with Social Service Programs
The Sisters collaborate with a variety of Social Service Programs such as the GED programs, serving on nonprofit boards such as Catholic Charities and
Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation, working with the local Community Action Plan and other emergency assistance groups.

Prayer Ministry
The Sisters have an active prayer life and gather for prayer in Chapel together several times each day. The needs of those who have asked us for prayers are lifted up to God with confidence that God will hear the cry of the poor and needy, especially those who are sick. We keep the needs of all those on our prayer list especially in mind.

Prayer Partners
If you would like one of the Sisters to be your Partner in Prayer, a Sister will be assigned to you. Sister will pray for your needs each day. If you would like, Sister will also correspond with you. Please email us if you would like a prayer partner.

Submit a Prayer Request
If you would like to submit a prayer request, please contact us.



We invite you to share in our ministries in the following ways:

Volunteers. Those interested may volunteer in the health care ministries, assisting with the Food Pantry and other works to assist the Sisters.

Co-Disciple. An associate program for those interested in sharing our values.

Donations. Donations to the Sisters of St. Francis of Savannah, Missouri, are tax deductible. If you wish, you may designate that your gift assist with one or more of the following: Sisters of St. Francis Ministries, Sisters' Retirement Care.


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