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Peace and all good to you!

We, the Sisters of St. Francis of Savannah, Missouri, believe that the Holy Spirit has gifted us and continually blesses us with a charism in the service of the Church. We identify this charism as a joyful simple spirit, founded on a prayerful dependence on God, which frees us to witness God's love for His people in generous, hospitable response to their need.

We share this value as a community. It has been handed down to us from Father Sebastian Schwarz and Mother Franziska Wimmer. It was especially manifested through Mother Pia Feichtenschlager, whose guidance established our community in the United States and whose living example served to call forth and to form the expression of our charism in the American Province.



As they announce peace with their lips, let them be careful to have it even more within their own hearts. No one should be roused to wrath or insult on their account; rather all should be moved to peace, goodwill, and mercy because of their gentleness. - Rule of St. Francis


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